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Why choose us
Boshili Electronics Co.,Ltd.,built in 2001, only sell new and original parts. We have many stock of ourselves. We also build very good relationship with many manufaturers.You can save time, money and energy by dealing with us. We can test, package and deliver the parts whatever you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want at competitive prices.
We are member of Brokerforum, HK inventory, netCOMPONENTS, and Allparts.
We promise to provide trusty information and better service to the customer.
Choose us,you will choose the success.

Electronic Component Supply
We supply to electromechanical enterprises and businesses around the world
ROHS Testing
Advanced testing equipment, professional technical personnel. To provide one-stopefficient
Component Testing
The detection scheme provides semiconductor manufacturers better,pushing up theinternational
Programmable analog IC consider the simulation design andprocessor circuit
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